‘Best Offer’ Sale Going on Now — Name Your Own Price!!!

With Fall inventory on track to be here very soon, we need to clear out as much merchandise as possible. So instead of offering you piecemeal discounts, we’re letting you decide the price. Send us an offer via our Contact page at peurist.com/contacts, and if we accept your offer, the item(s) in question will be discounted to that price for the next three days (everyone will have access to the special pricing). Full terms and conditions of the sale available at peurist.com/best-offer.

Our first request came in this evening from a new customer for Emmett London shirts to be priced at $20. Done and done — all Emmett shirts are $20 through Thursday. Buy ’em up before they disappear.

Photos – Sartoria Castagnia + Lost in Albion

Last weekend’s brief foray into Manhattan yielded a few pics that I wanted to share. Managed to get a few pics of some more traditional items from Sartoria Castagnia, but also took a bunch of Lost in Albion that I wrote up the other day. Really some great outerwear pieces from those folks — creative leathers, safari jackets, etc…

IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2955 IMG_2956

Euro Brand of the Week – Lost in Albion

Been a long week, and haven’t had a chance to go through some of the pics from last weekend’s trade shows, but wanted to highlight one of the brands that popped up there.  It’s a new brand from an outerwear company that’s been around a long time, and has some really amazing knitted outerwear — Lost in Albion (made in Italy). The name might need a little work (fans of Merlin may get the reference), but the jackets surely don’t. The merchandise I saw at MRKET in NYC was phenomenal, and we might be able to pick some of this stuff up on a future trip to Italy. Take a look and let us know your thoughts. F/W 2014 collection shown here.

MRKET & Project NY

Don’t know why two menswear shows are happening on the same exact dates, a little more than 10 blocks from each other, but such is life. Headed to NYC on Sunday to take in the sights and sounds of the various vendors at these shows. Royal Hem will be at MRKET, and Mastai Ferretti/Truzzi will be at PROJECT. Hopefully we’ll get to meet some new brands, and introduce our own to those in the U.S. that may need some services in Italy — one way we’re looking to reduce costs of (hopefully) future trips to Italy is to do consulting work (Q/C of purchases, or buyer services) for companies based in the U.S. that do not have the time to head over there.

Expect lots of pictures of beautiful merchandise for next spring to head your way next week. Have a feeling there is going to be some awesome product at both events.


Italy – Last Stop

Our last stop on Thursday was in Civitanova-Marche, home to Copen Group, makers of Royal Hem. Got some really great suits, blazers and outerwear, almost all from the Royal Hem line, and a few pieces from De Curtis and Romeo Gigli as well. Lots of heavy wools, including a number of tweeds and even some garment-dyed wools. If there’s one thing to note, it’s that production quality has gone up — better fabrics and better construction.

Interestingly, Copen Group has now started production on a full line of menswear for Baldinini, an Italian shoe company that some of you may be familiar with. Down the line there’s a good chance we may be able to grab a bit of that as well.

So that’s it folks. All in all it was a great trip. The merchandise should be headed to the States in approx. 2 weeks, and, G-d willing, up on the website for a debut in mid-August. If anyone out there wants an in-person preview, do feel free to hit us up and we can try and schedule an appointment once everything arrives (appointments are limited to those who have had a significant purchase history with us in the past — you know who you are).

Italy – Day 3

Well most of today was technically not spent in Italy, but in the Republic of San Marino, a small country w/in the borders of Italy wherein lies Saitt. Interestingly enough, production of all of Saitt’s merchandise does not actually happen in Italy; rather, production all takes place in Romania, and the warehouse is based in San Marino. The shirts, however, all use Italian fabric, which is why we often saw ‘Tessuto Made in Italy’ on the shirts at Daffy’s.

That interesting tidbit aside, we purchased a smaller lot than initially hoped for — 250 shirts in a variety of sizes and styles that are sure to please. Kept things on the conservative side – no polka dots, paint splotches or camo prints in this bunch, but just some really solid options for your formal and casual wardrobe come Fall. Brands headed your way will include Zero Veronese, Bonser, Rodrigo, La Camiceria Italiana and a host of others you likely have never heard of but we promise are phenomenal quality and a great value.

Tomorrow we have one last stop in Civitanova Marche at Copen Group, home of Royal Hem. Full report tomorrow night.


Italy – Day 2

Spent the morning in Arezzo today. The name of this particular factory isn’t that important, so much as is the fact that we picked up a nice chunk of suits and outerwear from Gazzarrini. Probably a dozen or so suits from the label, plus several pieces of outerwear. Very excited about this stuff. Additionally, we picked up some items from Hackett and a few other labels some Daffy’s fans may be aware of from the Yellow Baggers blog — Dellachiana (now D.C.) and Andrea Neri.

Presently in Rimini to get ready for tomorrow’s visit to Saitt – home of Mastai Ferretti, Truzzi, Agho, Bonser, Paolo Verri, GF & Co, Luciano Brandi… the list goes on, but those are the brands Daffy’s fans will remember. If prices are good, hoping to be shipping 500 or more shirts back to the States, but that’s all pipe dreams until tomorrow. So for now, good night from Rimini (which I didn’t realize was a beach town until I arrived around 6:30pm local time and saw everyone in their bathing suits walking around – wish I had brought a bathing suit myself).

Italy Part I

Stop one was just outside of Florence at one of our favorite leather companies, Compagnia 2410P(1)Delle Pelli. Managed to get a very nice selection of leather jackets for Fall, including some really nice bomber jackets, and a few motorcycle jackets from a brand we can’t mention just yet (it’s one of those brands you are unlikely to see on our site very often, but we splurged on a few pieces b/c they were quite beautiful). A small sampling of the items is shown to the side, and below.

Tomorrow we’re headed to a factory in Arezzo that is similar to Copen Group in that it produces for a wide variety of well-known (or at least well-known in Europe) brands, and we hope to get a nice selection of suits and sportcoats. Word is they may have some Gazzarrini IMG_8117suits available; fingers crossed.