Fall Inventory Update

Well our merchandise is here and we’re hoping that it will be all up on the site in the next few weeks. But for those chomping at the bit, here’s a short run-down of what we have in store:
– Shirts — Approx. 250 shirts from the folks that make Mastai Ferretti and Truzzi
– Leathers — Approx. 50 leather jackets from Compagnia Delle Pelli, and a few items from Emporio Armani that are simply stunning; Approx. 15 leather/canvas messenger bags from CDP as well
– Suits/Blazers/Outerwear — Approx. 100 items from various labels, including, Gazzarrini, Royal Hem, Sartoria de Curtis, Della Chiana, Andrea Neri and Hackett

If we can get sell-through the merchandise rather quickly, the hope is to start picking up some items locally, and place some orders w/our friends in Italy from the U.S. w/out actually heading there (while we love it, it gets awfully expensive after a while). Lots of pics will be coming out shortly; be sure to watch the Facebook page for more info.

Dose of Fall/Winter Inspiration

With our Fall/Winter items set to arrive on the site in a few weeks, we wanted to bring you some inspiration that we came across on the site of our Euro Brand of the Week — Alain (made in Italy). Alain is a knitwear-focused company started by the Fracassi family (of Adriano & Sons fame). Their pictures from F/W 2012 are clearly ahead of their time, as this, to me, is the perfect blend of pattern and color matching for the upcoming fall/winter season. Lots of tweeds and herringbones, and some great fall colors, but updated with a bit of sophistication.


Euro Brand of the Week – Mazzarelli

Came across a lot of European manufacturers and designers at MRKET NY. This one, however, stuck out a bit more than the other. Shirts from Mazzarelli (made in Italy). For sure the quality is up there, but what stuck out more was the use of some great colors and patterns. Most shirt companies are afraid to display something a bit flashier, as it were, but these guys were not. Now, I don’t mean to say that the items were gaudy; far from it. It was just nice to see some great tailoring mixed with some panache.  Check ’em out at camiceriamazzarelli.it.