Suit Fit Guide from the Toronto Film Festival

Over the last few days, the Toronto Film Festival has provided some great menswear moments. Our favorite was Jake Gyllenhall’s brown corduroy three-piece suit from Burberry, shown below. The shoes should have been switched out, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a corduroy three-piece in such a slim cut. All the proportions and fit are great, and it is just a phenomenal suit for fall.

In searching for alternatives, we noticed the complete opposite of how a suit should fit. Case in point, this Lauren by Ralph Lauren suit being sold at Macy’s. It’s hard to make things look bad on a model, but even this guy must know that the jacket is eating him for breakfast, and that the proportions are just generally out of whack. Keep things trim and properly fitted for your body type. That doesn’t mean you have to spend Gyllenhall money on a suit — we can surely help you out in that department, though, sadly, no corduroy three-pieces in stock right now.


Bet You Didn’t Know…Shirt Edition

We’ve started off our Fall/Winter 2013 collection with a wide array of shirts from Saitt, manufacturers of Mastai Ferretti and Truzzi. All Daffy’s fans, as well as those that are familiar with some of the more obscure brands in Europe, will be familiar with the fit and quality of these shirts. But what you probably didn’t know is that the same company that manufactures these shirts also makes the Luciano Brandi brand (and others) being sold over on one the of big flash sale sites, for well above our $39.99 price point. Plus, shirts from JB Henderson and Bonser, two brands which we are also currently stocking for $39.99, sell between $75-$120 on the site of a very well known discounter.

Some would say we’re stark raving mad; others would just say we’re being reasonable. We prefer the latter interpretation, but if the first one makes you purchase more, then go right ahead 🙂