WTF of the Week – AMA Edition

Apparently there’s a new trend of matching your shoes to your tie…or so Jesse McCartney’s stylist thinks. The leather pants were bad enough, but the metallic/spray-painted looking tie and shoes just push it over the edge.  If you’re going to wear a statement piece, it should be just that — one single piece.  Let everything else be simple. Otherwise, you’ll wind up looking like this.

Daffy’s — Back from the Dead?!?

Well, as news hit Philadelphia just a few weeks ago that Nordstrom Rack will be moving into the 8-floor space previously occupied by Daffy’s, today, former subscribers to Daffy’s email distribution list got a surprising email found at this link — Basically, is being turned into, for lack of a better description, an online pop-up shop. The email reads in part —

“We’re going to start gradually, offering limited goods for fashion and home sourced here and abroad. When we make a fabulous buy, you’ll be in on it. We are not going to inundate you with emails. We’ll “pop up” when there is something special to share.

Later, as we expand our definitely different new way of business, Daffy’s knowledgeable buyers will be fanning out across the globe to widen your marketplace.”

So there you have it. For now, it appears the website is now selling a small selection of home goods – curtains, sheets, pillows, towels, throws, etc…

Interestingly, it appears that new trademark applications were filed for DAFFY’S (link) and DAFFY’S. HIGH FASHION. LOW PRICES. (link) back in September. So this has been in the works for at least two months. Additionally, the website and the trademark applications both reference Daffy’s, Inc., and 1 Daffy’s Way — the original name and corporate location of Daffy’s — the warehouse location at 1 Daffy’s Way in Secaucus had been on the sale block for several months, so it’s unclear exactly what happened here, but we have a few guesses. Stay tuned to PEUR Postings for the latest developments.

WTF Of the Week – Colton Haynes

Unsure if this will become a weekly series or not, but had to share this unsightly outfit w/the rest of the world. Actor Colton Haynes has appeared on GQ’s weekly Best Dressed list a few times, but some of his stylist’s choices have been questionable. This one isn’t questionable; it simply begs a three letter acronym — WTF!?!

This appears to be some sort of three piece, asymmetrical velour ensemble in navy blue with a matching shawl, and crystal-studded black shoes. Don’t think this guy performed at the awards show (this was from MTV’s EMA’s), so not a costume.  If you want a guide as to everything never to do w/fashion, here you go. Fair warning, your eyes may start to hurt from the glare.

Euro Brand of the Week – Circolo 1901

Ok, so it’s been a while since our last brand of the week update…but we promise to start updating more frequently. In any case, we came across this brand after a link from an Italian boutique’s website, and just wound up staring at the seemingly never-ending loop of knitwear that is displayed on the company’s collection page. So hop on over, and just let the images reel you in for a few minutes. You’ll be glad you did.