Another Discounter Bites the Dust

The last few years have not been kind to discount chains. First Filene’s Basement, then Syms, Daffy’s and now, Loehmann’s. According to reports, this is now the third time Loehmann’s has filed for bankruptcy, but it appears this was the final nail in the coffin, and there will be no restructuring this time — just a sell-off to liquidators. It really is a shame — companies like these really were great shopping destinations (and everyone here knows about our love for Daffy’s), but competition and poor business decisions have put them all out of business. Leaving bigger name companies aside, i.e., Off 5th, Last Call, etc… it’s interesting to note that the folks at Century 21 have clearly done something right because they continue to expand in the NY/NJ area.

Full story here.

Lapel Latitude

Always interesting to see alternative takes on lapels, whether they’re contrasting colors or materials, or in some cases, no lapels at all. Two examples from the past few days — one is Tom Hardy at the British Independent Film Awards in what appears to be a J. Lindeberg tuxedo — the traditional tuxedo is given a casual, laid back appearance with a velvet lapel — kind of awesome.
And then there’s Jeremy Renner at the premier of a movie doing a jacket with no lapels.  It almost comes off like his tailor forgot to sew on the lapels, but what do you think of this one?