PEURIST – One Year Strong

On January 1, 2014, PEURIST.COM will be one
year old.Taking a look back, it’s amazing to see the growth and progress we have made in such a short time.

As strange as it may sound, in October 2012, our founder was in mourning over the loss of Daffy’s (now apparently reincarnated, but that’s a story for another day). He decided, however, to stop moping and do something about it. He was so impassioned about discounted European menswear that on top of his full-time job as an attorney, he booked a trip to Italy, met with vendors and brought back merchandise to start up PEURIST.COM on January 1st 2013 with a small collection for Spring 2013.

The journey from that first trip has been a long one. We have gotten fast educations in, among other things, overseas importing, vendor relationships, retail merchandising and online marketing, all of which we continue to improve.

The biggest learning curve was realizing exactly what our customer base demanded — the best prices possible on high quality European menswear. We are not a boutique; we are a discounter in every sense that the word has come to mean, both good and bad. We are a volume business at insanely low prices, with an emphasis on quality and fit. We are not here to bring you fancy pictures of models or half-baked discounts. We are here to empty the closets of the world’s best menswear designers and manufacturers at rock-bottom prices.

As PEURIST heads into its second full year of operation, we know that the hard work we have put in will not be for naught. We are continuing to develop and establish new connections to bring you some of the best deals on European menswear, and, believe it or not, our prices are only going to get better. You may have seen that we have already started to develop new relationships, bringing in Made in Italy shirts from Culturata for $29.99, and pants from Vigano, Mabro, Ballerini and others that retail for well over $200/pair for less than $50. Our goal for future merchandise includes blazer price points of less than $100, and suit prices points of less than $150. And, yes, this includes items Made in Italy.

So as this first year comes to a close please join in our celebration and help us clear out our winter inventory to help usher in a great Spring/Summer 2014 collection. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Best wishes for a happy and a healthy New Year — PEURIST.COM