Lapel Latitude

Always interesting to see alternative takes on lapels, whether they’re contrasting colors or materials, or in some cases, no lapels at all. Two examples from the past few days — one is Tom Hardy at the British Independent Film Awards in what appears to be a J. Lindeberg tuxedo — the traditional tuxedo is given a casual, laid back appearance with a velvet lapel — kind of awesome.
And then there’s Jeremy Renner at the premier of a movie doing a jacket with no lapels.  It almost comes off like his tailor forgot to sew on the lapels, but what do you think of this one?

WTF of the Week – AMA Edition

Apparently there’s a new trend of matching your shoes to your tie…or so Jesse McCartney’s stylist thinks. The leather pants were bad enough, but the metallic/spray-painted looking tie and shoes just push it over the edge.  If you’re going to wear a statement piece, it should be just that — one single piece.  Let everything else be simple. Otherwise, you’ll wind up looking like this.

WTF Of the Week – Colton Haynes

Unsure if this will become a weekly series or not, but had to share this unsightly outfit w/the rest of the world. Actor Colton Haynes has appeared on GQ’s weekly Best Dressed list a few times, but some of his stylist’s choices have been questionable. This one isn’t questionable; it simply begs a three letter acronym — WTF!?!

This appears to be some sort of three piece, asymmetrical velour ensemble in navy blue with a matching shawl, and crystal-studded black shoes. Don’t think this guy performed at the awards show (this was from MTV’s EMA’s), so not a costume.  If you want a guide as to everything never to do w/fashion, here you go. Fair warning, your eyes may start to hurt from the glare.

Suit Fit Guide from the Toronto Film Festival

Over the last few days, the Toronto Film Festival has provided some great menswear moments. Our favorite was Jake Gyllenhall’s brown corduroy three-piece suit from Burberry, shown below. The shoes should have been switched out, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a corduroy three-piece in such a slim cut. All the proportions and fit are great, and it is just a phenomenal suit for fall.

In searching for alternatives, we noticed the complete opposite of how a suit should fit. Case in point, this Lauren by Ralph Lauren suit being sold at Macy’s. It’s hard to make things look bad on a model, but even this guy must know that the jacket is eating him for breakfast, and that the proportions are just generally out of whack. Keep things trim and properly fitted for your body type. That doesn’t mean you have to spend Gyllenhall money on a suit — we can surely help you out in that department, though, sadly, no corduroy three-pieces in stock right now.


Photos – Sartoria Castagnia + Lost in Albion

Last weekend’s brief foray into Manhattan yielded a few pics that I wanted to share. Managed to get a few pics of some more traditional items from Sartoria Castagnia, but also took a bunch of Lost in Albion that I wrote up the other day. Really some great outerwear pieces from those folks — creative leathers, safari jackets, etc…

IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2955 IMG_2956

It’s All in the Details

So leave aside Channing Tatum’s awesome attire for a second, skip over the gorgeous Maggie Gyllenhall, and shift your eyes to Jamie Foxx’s suit for a moment. Ok, so the suit itself might need a little tailoring, but notice anything strange going on in the neck region? In particular, take a look at the shirt collar. It is oddly squared-off. This is no mistake — it is the signature of UK designer Ozwald Boateng, who has been bringing fresh menswear looks to Savile Row for over a decade. Little known in the U.S., but his designs are slowly popping up every now and again in these parts.  Given, some of the pieces are a bit more out-there than others, as with any good EU designer, but when he hits it right, it is truly some great stuff. This suit combo in particular…I think leaves a bit to be desired, though, it might be more of a fit issue than anything else.

Hmm…Not Sure About This One

Below is what appears to be a light purple linen suit on Armie Hammer, star of the upcoming Lone Ranger movie. Not really sure what to think about this one. I don’t think I’m a fan, but the longer I stare at it…no, no it’s just all wrong. Purple is good as an accent or background color – this is just too much.

What’s your opinion on this interesting suit option? Taking comments below.


Sometimes Accessories Make the Man…

Well celebrity fashion is often full of hits and misses, and this past week was no exception.  One particular fellow caught our eye this week, executing one look to near perfection, and failing on the other — British actor Tom Sturridge. In the first look below, he accents an awesome navy seersucker suit with some dark brown lace-ups, a copper (somewhere near that color) tie, and a rust colored hat. All of the accessories contrast with the nicely tailored suit.

Then, at the Tony’s Mr. Sturridge opts for an all black ensemble, with what appear to be a matching tie and hat.  It comes off a bit too ‘matchy-matchy’ as Heidi Klum would say, and worse, the dark hat gives the outfit a sort-of grim reaper effect. That combined with a jacket that is a bit too long makes the whole thing seem affected and like he’s trying too hard.  The blue suit and accompanying accessories, above, seems natural; this one feels forced on him by his stylist.  Remember that accessories should be just that — small contrasts to complement and pull together a look – not the whole look in and of themselves.


Bet You Didn’t Know…

Well it took a while for us to get back to the blogging world, but here we are folks. For those fans of the old Yellow Baggers blog, we are in the process of archiving the blog so it will be accessible for the future, but for now we hope that you will enjoy the posts here on PEUR postings.

We wanted to start off our first post by showcasing one of our favorite brands, Royal Hem. Now, remember that most of our brands have not really made their way into the States yet. So it’s rare to spot something we recognize in the media. But take a gander at the photo below.

To the left is former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans…and to the right, check out the hunting-inspired blazer from Royal Hem’s F/W 2012 collection (which we hope to have in late July/early August). I’d say Mr. Evans wears that blazer quite well, though, some of the styling may be a bit much, ahem, blue suede shoes (no complaints about the lovely lady by his side).