Euro Brand of the Week – A Bark With Some Bite

Over the last year or two, many people may have heard about the knitted blazers and outerwear coming from Barena Venezia. If you’ve ever seen pictures of folks at the Pitti Uomo that takes place in the winter time, you’ve probably seen one of their items.

A lesser-known brand, however, puts out the same high quality knitted outerwear, but does so with a bit more of a streetwear edge and inspiration — Bark (made in Italy). Some truly great outerwear pieces from these folks for the fall, in solid, heavy knits, with beautiful fleece linings that will keep you warm and soft.

Suit Fit Guide from the Toronto Film Festival

Over the last few days, the Toronto Film Festival has provided some great menswear moments. Our favorite was Jake Gyllenhall’s brown corduroy three-piece suit from Burberry, shown below. The shoes should have been switched out, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a corduroy three-piece in such a slim cut. All the proportions and fit are great, and it is just a phenomenal suit for fall.

In searching for alternatives, we noticed the complete opposite of how a suit should fit. Case in point, this Lauren by Ralph Lauren suit being sold at Macy’s. It’s hard to make things look bad on a model, but even this guy must know that the jacket is eating him for breakfast, and that the proportions are just generally out of whack. Keep things trim and properly fitted for your body type. That doesn’t mean you have to spend Gyllenhall money on a suit — we can surely help you out in that department, though, sadly, no corduroy three-pieces in stock right now.


Bet You Didn’t Know…Shirt Edition

We’ve started off our Fall/Winter 2013 collection with a wide array of shirts from Saitt, manufacturers of Mastai Ferretti and Truzzi. All Daffy’s fans, as well as those that are familiar with some of the more obscure brands in Europe, will be familiar with the fit and quality of these shirts. But what you probably didn’t know is that the same company that manufactures these shirts also makes the Luciano Brandi brand (and others) being sold over on one the of big flash sale sites, for well above our $39.99 price point. Plus, shirts from JB Henderson and Bonser, two brands which we are also currently stocking for $39.99, sell between $75-$120 on the site of a very well known discounter.

Some would say we’re stark raving mad; others would just say we’re being reasonable. We prefer the latter interpretation, but if the first one makes you purchase more, then go right ahead 🙂

Fall Inventory Update

Well our merchandise is here and we’re hoping that it will be all up on the site in the next few weeks. But for those chomping at the bit, here’s a short run-down of what we have in store:
– Shirts — Approx. 250 shirts from the folks that make Mastai Ferretti and Truzzi
– Leathers — Approx. 50 leather jackets from Compagnia Delle Pelli, and a few items from Emporio Armani that are simply stunning; Approx. 15 leather/canvas messenger bags from CDP as well
– Suits/Blazers/Outerwear — Approx. 100 items from various labels, including, Gazzarrini, Royal Hem, Sartoria de Curtis, Della Chiana, Andrea Neri and Hackett

If we can get sell-through the merchandise rather quickly, the hope is to start picking up some items locally, and place some orders w/our friends in Italy from the U.S. w/out actually heading there (while we love it, it gets awfully expensive after a while). Lots of pics will be coming out shortly; be sure to watch the Facebook page for more info.

Dose of Fall/Winter Inspiration

With our Fall/Winter items set to arrive on the site in a few weeks, we wanted to bring you some inspiration that we came across on the site of our Euro Brand of the Week — Alain (made in Italy). Alain is a knitwear-focused company started by the Fracassi family (of Adriano & Sons fame). Their pictures from F/W 2012 are clearly ahead of their time, as this, to me, is the perfect blend of pattern and color matching for the upcoming fall/winter season. Lots of tweeds and herringbones, and some great fall colors, but updated with a bit of sophistication.


Euro Brand of the Week – Mazzarelli

Came across a lot of European manufacturers and designers at MRKET NY. This one, however, stuck out a bit more than the other. Shirts from Mazzarelli (made in Italy). For sure the quality is up there, but what stuck out more was the use of some great colors and patterns. Most shirt companies are afraid to display something a bit flashier, as it were, but these guys were not. Now, I don’t mean to say that the items were gaudy; far from it. It was just nice to see some great tailoring mixed with some panache.  Check ’em out at

‘Best Offer’ Sale Going on Now — Name Your Own Price!!!

With Fall inventory on track to be here very soon, we need to clear out as much merchandise as possible. So instead of offering you piecemeal discounts, we’re letting you decide the price. Send us an offer via our Contact page at, and if we accept your offer, the item(s) in question will be discounted to that price for the next three days (everyone will have access to the special pricing). Full terms and conditions of the sale available at

Our first request came in this evening from a new customer for Emmett London shirts to be priced at $20. Done and done — all Emmett shirts are $20 through Thursday. Buy ’em up before they disappear.

Photos – Sartoria Castagnia + Lost in Albion

Last weekend’s brief foray into Manhattan yielded a few pics that I wanted to share. Managed to get a few pics of some more traditional items from Sartoria Castagnia, but also took a bunch of Lost in Albion that I wrote up the other day. Really some great outerwear pieces from those folks — creative leathers, safari jackets, etc…

IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2955 IMG_2956

Euro Brand of the Week – Lost in Albion

Been a long week, and haven’t had a chance to go through some of the pics from last weekend’s trade shows, but wanted to highlight one of the brands that popped up there.  It’s a new brand from an outerwear company that’s been around a long time, and has some really amazing knitted outerwear — Lost in Albion (made in Italy). The name might need a little work (fans of Merlin may get the reference), but the jackets surely don’t. The merchandise I saw at MRKET in NYC was phenomenal, and we might be able to pick some of this stuff up on a future trip to Italy. Take a look and let us know your thoughts. F/W 2014 collection shown here.