Italy Part I

Stop one was just outside of Florence at one of our favorite leather companies, Compagnia 2410P(1)Delle Pelli. Managed to get a very nice selection of leather jackets for Fall, including some really nice bomber jackets, and a few motorcycle jackets from a brand we can’t mention just yet (it’s one of those brands you are unlikely to see on our site very often, but we splurged on a few pieces b/c they were quite beautiful). A small sampling of the items is shown to the side, and below.

Tomorrow we’re headed to a factory in Arezzo that is similar to Copen Group in that it produces for a wide variety of well-known (or at least well-known in Europe) brands, and we hope to get a nice selection of suits and sportcoats. Word is they may have some Gazzarrini IMG_8117suits available; fingers crossed.