Fall Inventory Update

Well our merchandise is here and we’re hoping that it will be all up on the site in the next few weeks. But for those chomping at the bit, here’s a short run-down of what we have in store:
– Shirts — Approx. 250 shirts from the folks that make Mastai Ferretti and Truzzi
– Leathers — Approx. 50 leather jackets from Compagnia Delle Pelli, and a few items from Emporio Armani that are simply stunning; Approx. 15 leather/canvas messenger bags from CDP as well
– Suits/Blazers/Outerwear — Approx. 100 items from various labels, including, Gazzarrini, Royal Hem, Sartoria de Curtis, Della Chiana, Andrea Neri and Hackett

If we can get sell-through the merchandise rather quickly, the hope is to start picking up some items locally, and place some orders w/our friends in Italy from the U.S. w/out actually heading there (while we love it, it gets awfully expensive after a while). Lots of pics will be coming out shortly; be sure to watch the Facebook page for more info.

Italy or Bust…

It’s hard to imagine that it is already seven months since I was in Italy meeting with vendors and making my first purchases. A lot of time has passed, and I’ve learned a lot about how to move forward with the business. Of course, hindsight is 20-20, but I have a lot better ideas about execution, merchandise, etc…

Just a few ideas that are going to be implemented —

  • Lower price points, almost all Final Sale — we are going to transition from the ’boutique’ concept to a volume concept. That means, a broader array of merchandise at lower price points. But it also means almost all items are going to be Final Sale. Also toying with the concept of a modified Final Sale, i.e., lower price if you purchase outright, higher price if you want to be able to return.
  • Better purchasing — to get to lower price points, we need to do better on the bottom line when buying in Italy and locally here in the States. The goal is to meet with some new vendors, and some old ones, but stick with merchandise that will be a tremendous value. And, yes, for those who have bugged me, we are in the midst of trying to work something out with some notable shirt and leather vendors.
  • Outsourced photography — Professional photography is the only way to go. Still trying to figure the details on this one in terms of execution, but me and my Canon need to be retired, at least for larger items.

But ‘moving forward’ requires something in particular — cash. As hard as it is to do it, in the coming days, we will be slashing prices on every single item, to a large extent to prices well below our cost, in order to finance another trip back to Italy in early July for Fall/Winter 2013/2014. This will be a test, in part, as many of the items will transition over to Final Sale. We will also be adding our inventory to eBay, and possibly Amazon, to hopefully widen our customer base and gain some additional exposure.

If you have any thoughts about pricing, merchandise, business plans, etc…do not hesitate to reach out on the contact page — http://peurist.com/contacts/, the Facebook page — facebook.com/peurist, or on Styleforum.net via PM under the handle ‘PEURIST’. More than happy to chat any time via email or phone with those who (sorry for the cliche) have a passion for fashion.