Dose of Fall/Winter Inspiration

With our Fall/Winter items set to arrive on the site in a few weeks, we wanted to bring you some inspiration that we came across on the site of our Euro Brand of the Week — Alain (made in Italy). Alain is a knitwear-focused company started by the Fracassi family (of Adriano & Sons fame). Their pictures from F/W 2012 are clearly ahead of their time, as this, to me, is the perfect blend of pattern and color matching for the upcoming fall/winter season. Lots of tweeds and herringbones, and some great fall colors, but updated with a bit of sophistication.


Italy Part II (Fall Buying)

So a fall buying trip is on for July. We have confirmed appointments thus far with our friends at Copen Group, and a new shirt vendor with which Daffy’s fans are quite familiar (if you’d like to guess, feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll confirm). We’re still trying to get in touch with a leather company that goes under the initials CDP, but aren’t having as much luck with that one, but we will persevere nonetheless.

If you have any interest in a particular brand or manufacturer, let us know and perhaps we can arrange something for this trip or a future visit (G-d willing).