Photos – Sartoria Castagnia + Lost in Albion

Last weekend’s brief foray into Manhattan yielded a few pics that I wanted to share. Managed to get a few pics of some more traditional items from Sartoria Castagnia, but also took a bunch of Lost in Albion that I wrote up the other day. Really some great outerwear pieces from those folks — creative leathers, safari jackets, etc…

IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2955 IMG_2956

Euro Brand of the Week – Lost in Albion

Been a long week, and haven’t had a chance to go through some of the pics from last weekend’s trade shows, but wanted to highlight one of the brands that popped up there.  It’s a new brand from an outerwear company that’s been around a long time, and has some really amazing knitted outerwear — Lost in Albion (made in Italy). The name might need a little work (fans of Merlin may get the reference), but the jackets surely don’t. The merchandise I saw at MRKET in NYC was phenomenal, and we might be able to pick some of this stuff up on a future trip to Italy. Take a look and let us know your thoughts. F/W 2014 collection shown here.