Italy – Day 2

Spent the morning in Arezzo today. The name of this particular factory isn’t that important, so much as is the fact that we picked up a nice chunk of suits and outerwear from Gazzarrini. Probably a dozen or so suits from the label, plus several pieces of outerwear. Very excited about this stuff. Additionally, we picked up some items from Hackett and a few other labels some Daffy’s fans may be aware of from the Yellow Baggers blog — Dellachiana (now D.C.) and Andrea Neri.

Presently in Rimini to get ready for tomorrow’s visit to Saitt – home of Mastai Ferretti, Truzzi, Agho, Bonser, Paolo Verri, GF & Co, Luciano Brandi… the list goes on, but those are the brands Daffy’s fans will remember. If prices are good, hoping to be shipping 500 or more shirts back to the States, but that’s all pipe dreams until tomorrow. So for now, good night from Rimini (which I didn’t realize was a beach town until I arrived around 6:30pm local time and saw everyone in their bathing suits walking around – wish I had brought a bathing suit myself).