It’s All in the Details

So leave aside Channing Tatum’s awesome attire for a second, skip over the gorgeous Maggie Gyllenhall, and shift your eyes to Jamie Foxx’s suit for a moment. Ok, so the suit itself might need a little tailoring, but notice anything strange going on in the neck region? In particular, take a look at the shirt collar. It is oddly squared-off. This is no mistake — it is the signature of UK designer Ozwald Boateng, who has been bringing fresh menswear looks to Savile Row for over a decade. Little known in the U.S., but his designs are slowly popping up every now and again in these parts.  Given, some of the pieces are a bit more out-there than others, as with any good EU designer, but when he hits it right, it is truly some great stuff. This suit combo in particular…I think leaves a bit to be desired, though, it might be more of a fit issue than anything else.