Italy – Day 3

Well most of today was technically not spent in Italy, but in the Republic of San Marino, a small country w/in the borders of Italy wherein lies Saitt. Interestingly enough, production of all of Saitt’s merchandise does not actually happen in Italy; rather, production all takes place in Romania, and the warehouse is based in San Marino. The shirts, however, all use Italian fabric, which is why we often saw ‘Tessuto Made in Italy’ on the shirts at Daffy’s.

That interesting tidbit aside, we purchased a smaller lot than initially hoped for — 250 shirts in a variety of sizes and styles that are sure to please. Kept things on the conservative side – no polka dots, paint splotches or camo prints in this bunch, but just some really solid options for your formal and casual wardrobe come Fall. Brands headed your way will include Zero Veronese, Bonser, Rodrigo, La Camiceria Italiana and a host of others you likely have never heard of but we promise are phenomenal quality and a great value.

Tomorrow we have one last stop in Civitanova Marche at Copen Group, home of Royal Hem. Full report tomorrow night.