WTF of the Week – AMA Edition

Apparently there’s a new trend of matching your shoes to your tie…or so Jesse McCartney’s stylist thinks. The leather pants were bad enough, but the metallic/spray-painted looking tie and shoes just push it over the edge.  If you’re going to wear a statement piece, it should be just that — one single piece.  Let everything else be simple. Otherwise, you’ll wind up looking like this.

WTF Of the Week – Colton Haynes

Unsure if this will become a weekly series or not, but had to share this unsightly outfit w/the rest of the world. Actor Colton Haynes has appeared on GQ’s weekly Best Dressed list a few times, but some of his stylist’s choices have been questionable. This one isn’t questionable; it simply begs a three letter acronym — WTF!?!

This appears to be some sort of three piece, asymmetrical velour ensemble in navy blue with a matching shawl, and crystal-studded black shoes. Don’t think this guy performed at the awards show (this was from MTV’s EMA’s), so not a costume.  If you want a guide as to everything never to do w/fashion, here you go. Fair warning, your eyes may start to hurt from the glare.